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Farewell ED!

The Board of Peoples Action Forum announces the retirement of Mrs. Jennifer Mukabe Chiwela from her position as Executive Director of PAF on 31st December 2011, a responsibility she passionately carried out from the founding of PAF in 1994.
In her time in office have been in the employ of PAF, many more have and continue to volunteer in the Districts in which we are at work.

Mama Jen, as she is known in civil society circles, has lent her long and rich experience not only to PAF but to the broader arena of education both locally and internationally. She is current Chairperson for Africa Network Campaign for Education For All (ANCEFA) and Vice-President for the Global Campaign for Education (GCE).

All the experience is not lost to PAF though! As of 2012 Mrs. Chiwela will support PAF’s programmes, partnerships and networks as Special Advisor for Education.
We wish her the best in this and other new ventures that life now offers her to step into.

Welcome to the new ED

The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Gina Mumba Chiwela to the position of Executive Director of People’s Action Forum as of January 1st 2012.

Gina has worked with PAF from 1994 through various volunteer, part-time and full-time positions ending as Programme Manager at the time of her new appointment.

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