21 years with Adult education at the core of our rural development agenda.

For 21 years now, People's Action Forum has forged partnerships to support the development of over 80 rural Zambian communities.

With adult education as an entry point, We continue to place development in the hands of native community members.

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About People's Action Forum

Peoples Action Forum is a native not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation in Zambia. Our work involves ensuring, protecting, and advancing the rights of poor and marginalised people through non-formal education, and the empowerment of rural communities to protect and claim their rights to resources in order to secure their livelihood.

We are an open denominational, non-discriminatory society with a membership of over 2,000 people, mostly from the rural communities where we carry out most of our activities. Learn More

Education is the bedrock of human social, economic, cultural and political development.

People’s Action Forum
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Our Stories

  • Nicodemus Kanongovere

    Nico’s Story

    Nicodemus Kanongovere was born in 1981, he is second in the family of eleven, and he lives in Nakasaka Village 30km away from Mumbwa Town. Growing up, he was very dedicated to school and whereas most of his friends opted to drop-out and indulged in negative vices, he soldiered on until he completed his high

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  • DC Initial groud breaking

    Ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a Community Literacy Center in Nega-Nega.

    More than 100 People’s Action Forum (PAF) supporters on Thursday, July 29, 2015 celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a 1×2 community learning classroom block for literacy tutors training and life skills education, a project that is being implemented by PAF in partnership with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) under the

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  • Creating opportunities for women to play a part in the education of the girl child

    Creating opportunities for women to play a part in the education of the girl child

    A story of how older women are engaging to mentor out of school girls in their communities, in an effort to socially empower, prepare and re-enroll them back into formal Schools. It is often said, ‘educate a woman you educate a nation’, such is the story of Agnes Ndala a woman dedicated to ensuring that

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  • placeholder

    PAF Special News

    Farewell ED! The Board of Peoples Action Forum announces the retirement of Mrs. Jennifer Mukabe Chiwela from her position as Executive Director of PAF on 31st December 2011, a responsibility she passionately carried out from the founding of PAF in 1994. In her time in office have been in the employ of PAF, many more

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