Our Goals

Our Vision

To contribute to creation of a peaceful Zambian society in which all communities – rural and urban – attain justice for sustainable development.

Our Mission

To empower rural communities through non-formal education for sustainable development.

We aim at achieving people-centered development in which:

  • people will be aware of their rights,
  • people will be able to put demands on their claims so that duty bearers uphold and support the rights of the poor and marginalized in rural communities;
  • fair, equal and sustainable development is attained through non-formal education.

To achieve these goals, we work with 80 adult learning circles run by over 120 community-based facilitators. We also provide support to 41 community-initiated schools.

All of our adult learning and child-centered interventions are located in the rural areas to support rural development and decentralized structures. As new skills and confidence are gained, they become proactive to work with other local partners including the duty bearers.