21 years with Adult education at the core of our rural development agenda.

For 21 years now, People's Action Forum has forged partnerships to support the development of over 80 rural Zambian communities.

With adult education as an entry point, We continue to place development in the hands of native community members.

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About People's Action Forum

Peoples Action Forum is a native not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation in Zambia. Our work involves ensuring, protecting, and advancing the rights of poor and marginalised people through non-formal education, and the empowerment of rural communities to protect and claim their rights to resources in order to secure their livelihood.

We are an open denominational, non-discriminatory society with a membership of over 2,000 people, mostly from the rural communities where we carry out most of our activities. Learn More

Education is the bedrock of human social, economic, cultural and political development.

People’s Action Forum
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