Advocacy Training to Accelerate YALE in Zambia

This training was held after an assessment that was done in August 2015 on the capacities of CSOs to advocate for YALE (Youth and Adult Literacy Education) in Zambia.

The assessment reported that CSOs in Zambia have inadequate capacities needed to conduct YALE activities in their respective communities.

‘There is inadequate advocacy being undertaken by CSOs and there is need for enhanced efforts to develop the capacity and actively influence policy and practice in order to achieve EFA goals’ (Advocacy Capacity Needs Assessment for CSOs Involved In Yale In Zambia. August, 2015)

It was with this consideration that PAF hosted the training in advocacy for the CSOs that participated in the assessment, with the objective of building their capacities for not only advocacy activities but also for communications and strategies in engaging stakeholders to participate in YALE.

At the training, Zambia National Education Coalition made a presentation where they shared the strategies used to advocate for youth and adult education. These included: Community consultative meetings held in target provinces, using community radio and T.V Programmes and other strategies.

PAF hosted this training with support from OSISA (Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa). In attendance were 21 participants from 13 organisations working in YALE in Lusaka, Kitwe, Zambezi and Mpika.

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