PAF, ZOCS and ROCS conducts a learning visit on ECE!!!

PAF has decided to start supporting and providing Early Child Education in its schools and together with its partners the Zambia Open Community Schools and Reformed Open Community Schools, they conducted a learning visit to Chipata and Malawi with support from their funder theĀ  Roger Federer Foundation (RFF). The visit targeted the schools with the provision of Early Child Education (ECE) run by ROCS and ZOCS some schools run by PAF in Lundazi and Chipata Districts and also some field visits to Action Aid project sites in Malawi.

The visits were aimed at helping the three organizations to learn and gain hands-on experiences and lessons on how Action Aid Malawi (AAM) is implementing the Early Child, Care and Development (ECCDE) and Community Based Child Centres (CBCC) programme in the schools under the RFF Project and finding ways of adapting the lessons to specific varying Zambian contexts as they have decided to support the provision of early child education in their schools.

The visits were also aimed at helping the Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) to gain insights and hands-on experience that would not only facilitate the implementation of activities in Early Child Education (ECE), but also to provide comparisons on sustainable ways of getting buy-in from stakeholders namely; the community, traditional and civic leaders in the provision and support of Early Child Education (ECE).

The learning visits were also conducted with a view to gaining experiences and lessons that would inform the implementation of activities funded by the Roger Federer Foundation in Early Child Care, Development and Education (ECCDE) by the three named and interested organizations in their catchment areas in Zambia. The three organizations further visited the transition schools supported by Action Aid Malawi (AAM) and Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) in Rumphi, Malawi who also receives funding from the Roger Federer Foundation (RFF). Below are some of the community schools supporting and providing Early Child Education (ECE).

IMG-20170320-WA0016[2] IMG-20170321-WA0025[1] During their visit at Mkanda Mateo Community School in Eastern Province, the team which included the two field officers from PAF met up with the School Heater and GAF mentor who explained how they are running the school with the help of the ZOCS staff and shared their plans for the provision of the Early Child Education component as a school. Later the team met up with the girls from the Girls Action Forum who presented a sketch on the importance of girls education and empowerment.



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