Promoting girls education through enrolment!!

In the quest to promote girls education through enrollment and retention, PAF through its partners RFF has continued to provide support towards girls education by ensuring that every girl has access to education by having more girls enrolling in to grade one through the provision of a Pre-school in Kamphasa Community of Mambwe District, Eastern Province.

In 2015, PAF initiated the idea of setting up a Pre-school in the area to help young children to be able to go to school nearby and help safeguard the lives of girl children by cutting on long distances. The preschool has this year enrolled 20 girls and 15 boys.
Many children especially girls could not have access to education as most of the schools are not easily accessible due to long distances and the nearest community is about 12.5 from the Mambwe CABLAC.
And PAF CABLAC supervisor, Msamalia Banda Zulu and the community have been helping in ensuring that the Pre-school continues operating by proving them with the necessary support such as school materials.

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